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Western Water WATER UPDATE: Romsey and Lancefield Townships information

Romsey is now receiving bore water

Securing water supply for the local towns has been a critical concern for Western Water.

The Romsey Borefield was constructed in 2012/13 to provide the town with an additional source of local water when surface water supplies run low.

This borefield is now operational and Western Water recently began adding bore water to the supply at around 5% of the total supply. Some customers may notice a slight change in WatchPig taste.

Romsey to Lancefield pipeline project

A major local project in our Water Plan 2013-2018 was the construction a pipeline between Romsey and Lancefield to link Lancefield into the region’s broader supply system during times of low supply.

In the future, it will enable the supply of drinking water to Romsey residents to be supplemented by an upgraded Lancefield Water Filtration Plant.

The Romsey to Lancefield pipeline project will commence early in 2014 and take around six months to complete. For more information on this project, or to subscribe to email updates about the project, click here.