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   Hope you are all safe and the rain has removed some of the smoke.

Thank everyone for the hospitality and wish them well as we are still thinking of you, we know it can take a while and seem an enormous task to get back to normal.

Keep an eye on each other and especially the young ones, just the smell of smoke can cause peole to feel uneasy and the need to know someone cares.

The little flags and the attached map has been put in at least 8 fire sheds up here and the kids made our drive all worthwhile, it is why we do it.

Southern Tablelands strike team 52A wishes you all the best.

Take care and let me know if we can help in anyway, nothing is too much trouble, even if it is just to get it off your chest, happen to listen, country people look after country people, we have felt the pain and hope we helped you all in a time of need.

God Bless.

Des Kingston

Photo taken on the Romsey Wallan Road: Local farmer’s response to the Strke Teams who saved his farm house.