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RRBATA Business Breakfast was held at Soltan Pepper Restaurant (Romsey) on 5th August 2011

Special thank you to Adam and Melanie Soltan and staff (SOLTAN PEPPER) for the provision of their restaurant for this breakfast meeting.


 RRBATA Secretary Jo Hagan and Ged McLaughlin listening to the guest speaker Lynne Champion

RRBATA members having their morning coffee before the breakfast commences

RRBATA Ged McLaughlin, Wendie McLaughlin (Treasurer) and President Jenny Stillman welcoming RRBATA members to the breakfast

Lynne Champion drawing the Raffle with RRBATA President Jenny Stillman

RRBATA Secretary Jo Hagan thanking guest speakers



Lynne owned and ran Excessories stores in America working 7 days a week and up to 20 hours per day before bringing the concept to Australia where she has opened 6 stores in Victoria. She is the owner and designer of a newly launched range of clothing under her “Excessories” label.
Lynne has been a runner up in the USA MasterChef TV cooking show. She has established, built and been ‘chef’ of her own restaurant and bed and breakfast business.
Lynne has owned and raced a Mitsubishi EVO 8 in the Australian Performance category and has also owned and raced a Porsche.

Patrick Quigley


Patrick is an English born Financial Planner who came to Australia after meeting his wife around 8 years ago. He chose carefully when he selected Romsey to set up his family and his life. Patrick will talk to us about that journey and share insights into his life in Romsey and give us some tips and advice on what we can do in business and finance to get ahead.