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In the Carriage House Restaurant at the GRANGE CLEVELAND WINERY (Lancefield) over 40 local business members attended to listen to guest speaker Mr David Errington (AAER and Head of Consumer Research for Australia and Asia –Bank of America – Merrill Lynch) . This was RRBATA’s 5th Annual Breakfast.

David spoke passionately about his analysis of large corporations and small business practices. He reiterated his belief that price deflation and volume pressures were affecting retail growth today due to weak consumer sentiment. This slump in growth is compounded by inflation in labour costs, rent and electricity prices for all businesses.

David talked about the importance of knowing the business one wants to buy into and gave many examples from the corporate world about mismanagement.  He also discussed Goodman Fielder, Pacific Brands, Coles, Woolworths, Wesfarmers-Bunnings, Masters, Coca Cola Amatil and Treasury Wines and other well known companies and brands as he explained in layman’s language apects of their corporate growth and the dynamics associated with good and poor management practices. Some of these companies were cost cutting which has proved detrimental to their business. 

David eloquently explained the importance of all businesses to re-invest in themselves rather than cutting costs, down sizing and putting off staff (especially when times are tough).

Full house for the RRBATA breakfast.

Leanne Davey, Brendan Bench, Russell Pattison (Community Bank Board member), Patrick Quigley, Tanya and Bill Balcam (Grange Cleveland Winery), Helen Phillips, Liberal candidate for Macedon Donna Petrovich and Macedon Ranges Shire CEO Peter Johnston.

Tony Ede, MLA for Macedon Joanne (Jo) Duncan, Labor Candidate for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas chats withTim McCarthy (President Romsey Bendigo Community Bank Board), Mark Finegan (Deck Guardrail-Height Safety), Nicholas Walsh (Director of North Western Estate Agents), John Lynch (RSL) in conversation as the breakfast was about to commence.

Guest speaker David Errington, Ron Blackmore (Senior Business Banking Manager Sunbury Community Bank), Michael O’Gorman (Lancefield Community Bank), Rod Browning (Romsey Community Bank), Wendie McLaughlin (Secreatary/Treasurer RRBATA)

Local Councillors: Deputy Mayor Graham Hackett, Cr Henry McLaughlin and Cr John Connor enjoying a joke with Peter Johnston (Chief Executive Officer MRSC)  after the breakfast function.

Rod Browning Community Bank Senior Manager (Romsey) and President of RRBATA Jenny Stillman .

Andy Mustey and Jeremy Phillips were in attendance at the breakfast.

John Lynch (RSL) chats with Tony Falls (Principal of St Mary’s Primary School – Lancefield) whilst RRBATA President Jenny Stillman catches up with Labor Candidate for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas and Rod Browning – Senior Manager of the Community Bank converses with Bill Balcam.

Everyone tucks into a warm coffee or tea upon arrival.

Tony Ede chats with Mark Finegan (Deck Guardrail-Height Safety) and John Lynch (RSL) is deep in conversation with Tony Falls (Principal of St Mary’s Primary School – Lancefield).

Benny Dyer (RRBATA) chats with Peter Johnston (Chief Executive Officer MRSC) whilst Cr Henry McLaughlin enjoys a warm coffee on a freezing morning in Lancefield.

Benny Dyer (RRBATA) , President Jenny Stillman (RRBATA), Liberal candidate for Macedon Donna Petrovich, Ged McLaughlin (RRBATA), Wendie McLaughlin (Sec/Treasurer RRBATA), Sharyn Ede (RRBATA) and Dr Greg Powell (RRBATA)

Russell Pattison (Community Bank Board member) chatting over coffee with Peter Newell (Romsey Auto Care).

Guest Speaker David Errington (AAER and Head of Consumer Research for Australia and Asia –Bank of America- Merrill Lynch) listens to a question from RRBATA President Jenny Stillman.

Guest Speaker David Errington is presented with a gift from RRBATA Secretary/Treasurer Wendie McLaughlin for his excellent presentation.

Guest Speaker David Errington answers questions from the business breakfast members.

Journalist for the Macedon Free Press Adem Saban chats with guest speaker David Errington. See coverage of the event on pages 10-11 Macedon Ranges Free Press dated Tuesday August 5 2014

RRBATA President Jenny Stillman thanks David Errington and those present at this Annual Business Breakfast as well as the managers, owners and staff of Cleveland Winery.