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Romsey Primary School News

New Building Progress

Throughout the term the new building site has been busy with levelling, excavations and truck deliveries. Although it may appear that very little progress is being make all of the underground preparation and readiness for the footings is almost complete. Next term we will see significant
progress as the construction continues. Students have enjoyed watching the range of excavating machines and a crane operating over the last few weeks. We look forward to having this modern flexible learning space to complement our school’s facilities.

School’s Garden Competition

Once again Romsey Primary School entered the School’s Garden competition after a years break. Our school captains Sarah Edward and Tom Green played excellent hosts as they accompanied the regional garden judge June Andrew on a tour of our gardens. Sarah and Tom and explained the numerous garden projects we have had and she was impressed with the growth of the direct
seeding project and how it has been used to collect gum leaves to feed koalas after Back Saturday. They also thought that the vegetable garden and orchard is now being well used and were impressed to see the chooks and how we are recycling food scraps. At the Dinosaur Garden she was surprised to find students could be junior archaeologists and uncovered dinosaur foot prints
and fossils. They thought this was a unique garden and hopefully were impressed.

Athletic Sports

A great day of competition and sportsmanship was had by all students at the recent school Athletics Sports Day. As a result a team of over 40 students have competed at Bendigo in the Cobaw Sports. The younger students enjoyed a range of novelty events with the sack race and egg and spoon  providing entertainment for parents. All students participated in the sprinting and jumping events. Congratulations to Shaw House who were presented with the shield.

Literacy And Numeracy Week

For half an hour in the bright sunshine we all read together and enjoyed sharing our books to celebrate National Reading Day. All sorts of reading material was taken outside by the students and staff with several parents and smaller children also joining us. For Numeracy the students measured their height and tallied the combined total of our students’ heights. It was 534.21m and adults is 72.05m = 606.26metre. Year 3/4MM measured out the total with the trundle wheel. They started at the White Avenue gate, came up the path all the way to the front gate and then back to the basketball court.

Enrolments for 2009

Parents who are planning for their child to start school at Romsey Primary School in 2010 should enrol now. You need to bring the enrolment forms, proof of age and record of immunisation. If you would like a tour of the school please ring the office on 5429 5099 and we can show you our extensive facilities.