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Please read the attached Newsletter (August)

Playgroup is located at the back of the Romsey Community Hub. A Car Park is located to the left of the building and side access is available for entry into the Playgroup Facility. Remember to bring a hat and a piece of fruit to share during snack time. Sunscreen is located at the center and also plenty of water. But bring a drink bottle so it can be refilled. If you would like to enquire further, request a brochure or enroll for playgroup please do not hesitate to contact the following committee members or email Romsey playgroup:

President: Leighann Moon 0405 507 805
Treasurer: Rana Scott 0439 529 533

2013 Playgroup Fee Structure
$50.00 Per Term
$30.00 Insurance (Annual)
$20.00 Fundraising Levy (Annual)
Contact Playgroup Victoria in regards to insurance details: