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An enthusiastic but very small crowd attended our biannual Goods and Services Auction in August. An extremely dedicated band of Fundraising and Events subcommittee members were successful in gathering a huge range of items to auction and raffle. To those that attended, thankyou very much for your support, we hope you are enjoying your purchases. To those that donated items for the event, thank you also, for your generous support. In recognition of the businesses who made donations, their contact details / website information is listed on the kindergarten website.

Fathers’ / Working Parents’ Night

A great night was held a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with Fathers’ Day celebrations. Dads and parents who do not normally get the chance to participate in kinder duty, were invited to kinder for a short time in the evening. There were some initially reluctant dads in Unit 2 who joined in the singing and dancing but then they got in to the action enthusiastically.

Emergency services visits

The 4 year old groups had a visit from Tom, an ambulance officer, recently. The children were given the chance to see some of the equipment, be hooked up to a machine for their heart rate testing and have a walk through the ambulance. Romsey Police and Romsey CFA will be visiting next term.

Footy comes to kinder

On Thursday, the last day of term, staff and children dressed up in their favourite footy team colours and had a special snack of party pies and sausage rolls, proudly donated / made by committee and some parents.

Enrolments 2010

The timetable for 2010 has been finalised by staff and committee so letters of offer will shortly be sent to families enrolled for 2010, by Try Youth and Community Services, our Kindergarten Cluster Manager. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 0416 066 347.

Romsey Kindergarten Notice of Annual General Meeting

  • Monday 16 November, 2009 – 7.30pm at the kindergarten

Purpose: to vote on the Committee of Management positions and distribute 2010 class information.
information will be distributed to Association Members