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Romsey Football Netball Club- Past Players & Officials Association

Founded in 1879, the Romsey Football Netball Club has a long and proud history which has seen many successes thanks to the contributions of the many that have passed through the door as either a player or an official.

As a past player or official of the Romsey Football Netball Club, we would like to extend an invitation to you to be come a member of the soon to be formed Romsey Football Netball Club Past Players & Officials Association (PP&OA).

Similar to the various past players associations that exist at AFL and other local clubs, it is hoped that the Romsey Football Netball Club PP&OA can become a vibrant social network between past players and officials while also creating opportunities to socialise actively with present day players and officials.

At this stage, it is envisaged that the PP&OA will have between 1 and 3 organised gatherings per year that will be held at home games. As well as providing a benefit to the old players, the association will help enhance the club culture through giving the current day players a link to the past.

For a small contribution to become a member of the PP&OA you will be invited to the functions as well as receiving a number of updates throughout the year on the club progress including results, player profiles, player development initiatives, new recruits and club functions. It is hoped that this will grow to potentially include larger functions periodically such as “Teams of the Decade” etc.

The aim this year is to launch the PP&OA concept and obtain nominations for a small committee to assist with arranging future functions and obtaining and maintaining contact details of those that wish to be involved.

As you can imagine, one of the key tasks in forming such a group is to find out names, addresses and contact details for past players and officials who would be interested in joining and being part of the group so please feel free to pass this on to others and invite them to send their contact details through to one of those listed below so that they can be kept in the loop on future gatherings. PLEASE PROVIDE EMAIL ADDRESSES IF POSSIBLE as we would like to use emails as our main means of communication. We have also set up a group on Facebook that you are invited to join where you can chat, post information and stay in touch.

I look forward to your attendance of the launch and to the ongoing success of the Romsey Football Netball Club PP&OA.

Yours Sincerely

  • Mick McCarthy 0403 02 3434
  • Tim McCarthy 0403 03 6654
  • Mark Dipietro 0433 818 134