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Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc Community Planting Day

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc. invites all community members and gardeners to our Community Planting Day.                                                                                    



Date : 14/09/2019
Time : 9:30 –11:30
Cost : FREE
Venue :

Main Street Romsey (Ecotherapy Park)

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Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc

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Romsey Ecotherapy Park: a special local initiative

Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc. is formed by a driven and passionate group of Romsey residents who have been tirelessly working to make this concept a reality for many years.

These Romsey-region citizens are on a mission to raise the required funding to improve the health and wellbeing for not only their own community but for those looking for respite from the rush of city life as well.

Planning for the park has involved a road trip to visit other parks that share this unique therapeutic and stimulatory concept.

The aim has been to provide a space for all people. Rural communities have historically catered outdoor spaces for sport but not for art, culture, the reflective and ailing. The Park also gives city dwelling visitors an opportunity to connect with nature.

Life in the country does not always mean we are connecting with nature. Like many cities, housing blocks in country towns are becoming smaller and nature bush settings are not as common.

With the rise of mental illness and shorter hospital stays, the importance of a sense of community and connecting with nature as a means for health and well being is now recognised.

That is the motivation for this wonderful project.