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Macedon Ranges CAT Curfew

From Wednesday 1st July 2020 all CATS must be confined to their property from sunset to sunrise and will be prohibited from our most sensitive environmental areas.

According to the Macedon Ranges local council, cats can be confined in one or more of the following ways:

  • Indoors
  • In a Cat Run or specially designed enclosure
  • Enclosing part of a property (e.g. a verandah)
  • Cat-proofing fence
  • In a shed (well ventilated/insulated).

Why is this important?

Cats can attack wildlife, can be hit by cars, injure other cats, and spread disease.

Cat can prowl, spray, howl and annoy neighbours and their pets (especially during mating season).

Its important to act now before July 1st 2020.

Details about responsible CAT ownership (including helpful advice and resources about confining cats) can be found at:

Romsey Region Business and Tourism Association