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 Dear Community Members

My cat has been LOST.

I have contacted Romsey Vet so if anyone brings her in they will contact me but if anyone sees her please contact me directly on 0409724189, 54296278 or I live at 154 Main Street Romsey.

Crab came to live with me last night Friday 22nd April 2016, she was being relocated from Lancefield to my home here in Romsey. To my horror this morning she was nowhere to be found. I have searched everywhere in the area and it is so upsetting not only losing her but knowing she doesn’t know where she is.

Crab is a two toned English Blue cat; she has a beautiful round face; she is very big and she is blue grey and white. Please see images attached

Crab is 8 years old, very friendly and anyone who sees her will know she is not a stray. I am sure she will be very distressed being lost, and especially as this was a new placement she doesn’t know where to return to.

Would you all please send this email out to any of your contacts who live in Romsey and Lancefield, and ask them if they would forward it to their contacts in the area. Surely someone will have seen her.

Thank you so much for your help

Sandra E Chestnutt