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RRBATA After work Catch Up for Local Businesses

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RRBATA is pleased to announce its second “After Work Catch Up” for all Romsey region businesses

(you do not need to be a RRBATA member). These catch ups are designed to be casual.


There are no tickets to purchase and no pressure. When you knock off for the day or if you have a break

between your evening clients just wander in and say hello. It’s a great opportunity to wind down, have a

chat and touch base with other business operators.



Date: 07/11/2019
Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Cost: Nibbles provided free but drinks at bar prices
Venue: Evans Wine and Cheese Bar (119 Main Street, Romsey)
Organiser: RRBATA
Phone: 0411 700 464