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ROMSEY COMMUNITY FORUM (Wed 7pm) 28th march 2012

Community Group Round Up
Wednesday 28th March 2012 at 7.00pm
Romsey Community Hub

7.00pm Welcome and Introduction
7.05pm Romsey Online
7.10pm Romsey Community Bank – Grants program update.
7.15pm Single Group Projects, Events and Fundraisers 2012 (Group reps to promote currently scheduled activities and their dates. Can we help each other? Could some events dovetail/piggyback to maximise impact? )
7.40pm Multi Group Involvement Events (Update info for Romsey Festival and Light Up The Sky Fireworks Night, Group discussion)
7.55pm Australia Day in Romsey 2013 (Does Romsey want to celebrate it? Who wants to run it? Ideas for the event?)
8.00pm Ideas for events/activities to attract visitors (Group discussion)
8.05pm Current Challenges and Concerns (Group Discussion)
8.10pm Effective networking/communication between Romsey Community and Sporting Groups (Is it needed? If so, how do we do it – Email? Newsletter? Group Discussion.)
8.20pm Where to From Here? General Discussion
8.30pm Close of Round Up
8.35pm Supper 




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