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The Romsey Rag Inc.

During the 1980’s the Victorian Education Department became aware of a small number of community newspapers that were beginning to pop up around the state.  This was seen as a good thing and so a grant of $500.00 was made available to communities, to assist them to set up and run similar community newpapers, through the “School Improvements Program”.  The local school was seen as the obvious location for a community newspaper, it had the skills, space and most often, the technology, needed for the production a simple news sheet.

Over the years The Romsey Rag has changed; as technology has marched on and the skills within the community have grown so has The Romsey Rag progressed.

Whilst we are a newspaper for the community we do not feel that it is fair for the local tradespeople and businesses to carry the total cost of the production of “The Rag”.  Therefore we offer very reasonable “Not For Profit” annual memberships that allow community groups to present their news and other materials to the community.  These small annual charges support The Romsey Rag and assists us to keep advertising costs as low as possible for everyone.

The Romsey Rag also offers “For Profit” annual memberships.  These provide local businesses with an increasing % discount on the cost of advertising.  The longer the advertising runs the greater the discount.

Today we produce 1,500 copies each month.  These are available to be picked up from a variety of locations within the town including the Post Office, IGA and the Library.  Our web site contains many back copies, more will be added.

Community members can now download their copy from the website.  This will help save paper and energy and reduce pollution.

The Romsey Rag Inc. is run by a volunteer Committee of Management, many of whom still work full time.  It is an Incorporated Body with its own Australian Business Number.

We aim to have all content in to the editor by the 15th of each month and then have the final copy off to the printers by the 22nd of the month with the hard copy edition back in town before the first weekend of the new month.  An electronic version of the current Romsey Rag will be uploaded to this website on the day the the hard copies are delivered to the pick-up locations around the town.

Content may be dropped at the Post Office or the library or, preferably, emailed in the following formats (.doc or .pdf) to:

Anything to do with accounts, payment for advertising, queries about advertising etc go to:

On Tuesday March 5th the interim Committee of Management (CoM) was dissolved and a new CoM was formally elected.  The election process was chaired by Allan Irvine (President Romsey Neighbourhood House Inc.)

President – Anthony Lakey

Secretary – Jane Nixon

Treasurer – Karen Read

Editor – Shauna Martin

Distribution – Roy Goodall & Sonia Martin

Committee – Pam Neil & Margaret Mitchell

The meeting also formally adopted the “Model Rules”.

The next AGM of  “The Romsey Rag Inc.” will be held in March 2020.

Editorial Assistants – Sonia Martin, Jane Nixon, Tony Lakey


Archives of previous Romsey Rags can be found at: