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The Uniting Church in Australia


Rev Peter Cannon and Pastor Annette Buckley are the ministers for the Macedon Ranges Partnership. Rev Deac Wendy Elson also began her placement with us in 2015 but concluded in 2019 after just over 3 years. Peter began his placement in February 2016. Annette began her placement in August 2016 and lives in Romsey. 

This was Wendy’s first ministry placement. Previously, she spent many years as a school Chaplain. 

Peter has been a minister of the word for a number of years and was also a school Chaplain.

Annette has undertaken several Pastoral Care roles.

All are welcome to our worship and community life.

Chairperson: Noel Shaw (5429 5509)

Secretary: Mrs Jenifer Clampit (5429 5480

History of Romsey Uniting Church

The Lancefeld-Romsey Presbyterian Church was established in 1861. The Rev WA Lind was inducted and served the Presbyterian Churches in Romsey and Lancefeld for eighteen years. Before this the Presbyterians in Lancefeld, Romsey and Rochford had been cared for by itinerant ministers. Rev Lind also conducted services at Bolinda, Duckholes (North Monegeeta), Springfeld, Newham and Rochford. The Foundation Stone of the first manse was laid on March 12th, 1862 on a two acre land grant on the northern slope of Melbourne Hill (where the daffodil/garlic farm is located). 

Romsey Congregation
In 1863 the Romsey congregation applied for a grant of land for the purpose of building a church and this was granted on May 20th, 1864. The
church was opened and dedicated in July 1865. The cost was £800.
The Presbytery of Melbourne compiled a communion roll at first of seventeen names which soon increased to fifty one, most joining by certificate from Scottish and Irish Churches. Mr Peter Mitchell, whose descendants are part of the present congregation, was Secretary of the Building Committee and he inspired members with energy, faith and courage. The church building was built of local blue stone quarried on his property.  Peter Mitchell served for fifty years as Secretary/Treasurer.
In 1873 a Bell-Tower with bell was erected on the top of the facade of the church (the bell is no longer in use).
Major renovations were carried out in 1880 – the old windows were replaced with beautiful stained glass designs.

Later events – Romsey
During 1976 the Vestry was added to the Romsey church building and a new Kitchen, Meeting Room and Toilets were built in 1980’s. During 2006, 8 cypress trees were removed from the western boundary of the church property. This opened up the rear of the church property to become a more usable area which is being developed into a social space.