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3 Mitchell Court, Romsey Vic 3434

Romsey British Automotive

Located in the rural town of Romsey, but with customers from all over Victoria, Romsey British Automotive is a full servicing, maintenance and repair workshop specialising in all makes and models of Land Rover.

Bringing British driving performance to the country roads of Australia, Land Rover and Range Rover have become the vehicle of choice for many people, however servicing at dealerships has often proven costly.

An independent business, the Romsey British Automotive team of qualified mechanics offers Autologic diagnostics, FLASH programming, safeguard ECU programming and key coding on Land Rover and Range Rover models dating from 1989, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

When you bring your vehicle to Romsey British Automotive, you are trusting it to the care of a highly skilled team who have a genuine interest in each and every model.

Have a coffee in our reception area while your vehicle is serviced or arrange for pick up if you live locally.

We look forward to working with you to ensure the servicing, maintenance and repair of your vehicle is completed with precision, quality tools and the right advice.

The Team

Established by former V8 race car driver Ray Allford in the early 1990s,
Romsey British Automotive has provided quality servicing, maintenance and repair for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles for 25 years.

Lyn Allford

With a background in advertising and real estate, Lyn was managing a large local conference venue until Ray’s illness bought her back to work with Romsey British Automotive. When Ray passed away Lyn took on the business with the help of Daniel Gibbs, head mechanic and has taken it from strength to strength. “I love working with the boys, it’s such a lovely working day when they’re around. There’s not a day goes by that they don’t talk about Ray, they really keep his memory alive.”

Ray Allford

Ray was the original owner of Romsey British Automotive and worked as a mechanic from the age of 17 in his home state of Tasmania. After a relocation to Melbourne to run a service station and panel shop, Ray raced V8’s at Calder Park, Winton, Phillip Island, Simmonds Plains and Baskerville. Just after the Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1983 Ray and Lyn moved to Romsey and set up the workshop to work on conversions of American cars from left to right hand drive. His work with Land Rovers started in 1990 and the business has built from there. Sadly, Ray passed away in 2012 but is most remembered for his disgust at mechanic Daniel’s four-wheel drive purchase: Toyota.

Daniel Gibbs

With almost 20 years as a grease monkey, Daniel joined Romsey British Automotive in 2006. ” I’d always owned Land Rover’s when I was younger and met Ray when I was 17 and would come over to get parts for it – I’ve had 13 Land Rovers in my time. They’re a unique vehicle and a lot of the components are manufactured in modular form so makes them easy to work with. We have some Fantastic customers, some of them will drop in for lunch with us”.