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Lancefield Roads Board

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This office of the Lancefield Roads Board was built in 1869 for 275 pounds as a part stuccoed and part facebrick , with a concave form front verandah. Early meetings of the Lancefield Roads Board occurred at the Royal Mail Hotel (corner Ochiltrees Road and Main Street Romsey). The Lancefield Roads Board was created in 1862.

The Roads Board’s main duties included the construction of all-weather roads and bridges financed through rates and tolls. Toll-keepers were private citizens who paid an annual licence fee for the right to operate a toll house. As an example, the Monegeetta toll house erected in 1863 charged a toll of one farthing for every pig, sheep, lamb or goat. The Romsey Shire was proclaimed in June 1871, with this building serving as the Romsey Shire Hall until its relocation to the Commercial Bank building in 1942.