FREE BUSINESS MENTORING for small businesses

FREE BUSINESS MENTORING for small businesses

2020 has been a bumpy ride for almost every small business owner in Victoria.

Surviving lockdowns, restructuring your workforce, or changing the way your business operates takes its toll.

The Victorian Government supports small business owners by launching the Victorian Government business mentoring Program – fully funded. The Program funds 4 x 2 hours of mentoring to small business and not many business owner are aware of this.

Once a business signs up they get to choose from a number of pre-selected mentors. I’m excited to announce that interpares here in Sunbury is on that list and we’ve partnered with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deliver the business mentoring program.

At interpares, we solve business problems through communication. Our singular focus is to make our clients stronger. Having us on your side will mean that we can help you to navigate the economic challenges you had in 2020 and face 2021 with a new outlook.

And the best part? It’s completely free! (Government funded.)

Follow the link to Apply Now or contact us for a non-binding conversation.

VCCI – FREE Mentoring for small businesses | interpares


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Thorsten Wacker
Owner | interpares
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Feedback Required about MRSC Concept for Tourism and Marketing

Dear All

RRBATA has received the following note from Council’s Tourism Marketing Officer, Antonia Yendell:

We are looking to discuss the development and implementation of a shire-wide community driven Autumn festival and promotional campaign for April 2021.

Whilst this year maybe small given timings, Covid 19 restrictions and limited overseas visitors, we hope this will become an annual event which will grow and benefit the whole Shire.

As a start, Council would be keen to develop signage for streets, buildings, business window displays and festival street lighting. We also considered an opening event for the season and closing family fun day event. Between, we would hope businesses, retailers, artists and event organisers may like to participate to build up a community program.

We would also like to support other community events to take place and to help guide or curate if needed.

Would you be available to provide some advice please and guidance on whether this would be of interest to the Romsey businesses?

We would be keen to support them to develop or encourage ideas they may already have to bring the Autumn Festival to life to benefit the community.”

Council is keen to explore “points of difference” between each town’s elements in the festival. The elements/activities are designed to have visitor/tourism appeal. Given time constraints, whatever is planned for this year will hopefully be a lower key forerunner to a larger scale event next year. RRBATA is aware that every business type can potentially benefit (directly or indirectly) from increased visitors to our region. The eastern corridor of the Shire is notoriously “light on” for visitor “product” compared to other areas so this could be an opportunity (albeit seasonal) for our particular region to benefit from.

RRBATA committee is very keen to receive your feedback about the concept  and any ideas for this or next year’s festival content (by email to me or phone) by NEXT MONDAY 18th January 2021 please.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Kind regards

Jenny Stillman


Ph. 0411 700 464

Romsey Region Business and Tourism Association