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Romsey and Lancefield Business Community members and friends.

Many of you will know Tim McCarthy who has forever been a Romsey “local”. Tim is an accountant, based in Sunbury with Sage Business Group, and has sent me the email below which he is happy for me to share with you all. His business is doing some regular webinars specifically aimed at assisting businesses during this period. He has also included in the email some links to videos of presentations recently streamed. He has since also sent me the following: “We did another session on Thursday that involved a live cash flow demonstration so if you wanted to add that link as well please feel free if you think it would be of value to business owners.”

Anyway, I think the content of the email below will be of particular interest to many of you so “happy viewing”!

Kind regards,

Jenny Stillman

On behalf of the RRBATA Committee

Ph. 0411 700464

I thought I’d share a few things we’ve been up to over the last few weeks through the office that may be of benefit for any RRBATA members, friends, etc.

There’s so much going on at the moment due to the pace of change with legislation (or more often than not public announcements without legislation) that Michael & I have been doing free webinar events each Tuesday & Thursday morning over the last month.  Next week we’re going to go to once a week at 9.30am on Thursday’s as the standard time and may throw in a few specials as appropriate.

The problem we see is that there is a lot of information out there but not packaged up in a way that the local tradesman or retail shop owner who is really busy and trying to navigate through this time can just look at it, get their head broadly around it, and then get back to focusing on getting the job done.  We hope we’ve been able to do that in our completely non polished and genuine approach. cash flow stimulus package.  Gives an outline of this stimulus measure which has confused many employers to thinking they are going to receive a large cash injection in the coming months and goes through 3 worked examples that will cover most businesses of what that they can actually expect to receive in tax credits and possible cash refunds from this stimulus measure. importance of a business continuity plan (there is an offer at the end of this one but certainly only an offer and not a sell at all).  Provides business owners with a series of practical steps to take and some mindset information in this very tough time for the business owner who is bearing the brunt from many fronts

Anyway, if you wanted to have a look at these or share around very happy for you to do so.  I’ve only sent a couple of links that I think may be the most value but anyone can connect by:

  1. subscribe to our You Tube Channel just by searching Sage Business Group in You Tube, or
  2. going to our website page, or
  3. go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter so regular updates are available

Feel free to share this as far and wide as you like – yes, let’s not shy away from the fact that there is a potential marketing benefit to our business but we are truly coming from a place of trying to help the wider community come to terms with the financial challenges that this time presents and to offer an olive branch that may help guide some small business owners who right now are feeling so pressured and uncertain.

Kind regards,

Tim McCarthy  |  Director

Same great team, same great service, brand new look!

43 Gap Road, Sunbury, Victoria 3429

P.O. Box 665, Sunbury, Victoria 3429

T  +61 (03) 9744 7144  |  F  +61 (03) 9744 6577

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Romsey and Lancefield Business Support

Romsey Region Business and Tourism

RRBATA has assisted the Lancefield Romsey Community Support (LRCS) initiative of the two towns’ Neighbourhood Houses to draft a flyer for delivery to all Lancefield and Romsey households which lists businesses with delivery/phone order etc options (see below). This will be of particular assistance to community members who do not have access to social media or are unable to source information online and will hopefully facilitate local patronage of businesses during this social isolation period.

The flyer from LRCS which has been placed on RRBATA Facebook (Romsey Lancefield Business and Living) and on this website – Romsey Online ( to inform businesses of the volunteer pool available to assist with product delivery to customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or if RRBATA can be of any support to you.

Jenny Stillman

On behalf of the RRBATA Committee

Ph. 0411 700464

Supporting our local businesses in Romsey and Lancefield

Does your business need help with deliveries to those in isolation?

Volunteers are available to assist your business.

Simply phone or text: 04091 243 996

Customer Contact details required: Name, phone address, along with pick up or drop off time.

Romsey Neighbourhood House – phone 5429 6724

Lancefield Neighbourhood House – phone 5429 1214


RRBATA — supporting all local businesses

Romsey Region Business and Tourism

Lancefield Romsey Community Support # Stay Home

This initiative is to support you and the community during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Please visit our Facebook page at: lancefieldandromseycommunitysupport

Other contact points are:

Phone: 0491 243 996

Keep an eye out for your neighbours – Keep in touch

Community Transport

If you urgently need transport to a medical appointment please phone the Neighbourhood Houses to see if we can support you.

54 291 214 (Lancefield) or 54 296 724 (Romsey)

Volunteering: Ways I can Help:

If you are interested in helping others with:

  • deliveries
  • admin support
  • telephone support and counselling
  • cooking meals
  • friendly check in and outs

Businesses who are Delivering:

Check out this link: Local delivery services


1800 Respect (1800 737 732) – Domestic, family violence and sexual assault counselling and referral service

Kids Help Line 1800 55 180 (5 years – 25 years)

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

National Debt Hotline 1800 007 007

National Coronavirus Helpline 1800 020 080

My Aged Care 1800 422 737

Kyneton Caring Community Foodbank 5422 1163

Freedom Care Kilmore 0422 599 735

Local Counsellors (Fees apply):

Helen Shaw 0400 224 174

Bronwyn Lodge 0414 685 755

Amanda Starkic (Grief Counsellor): 0412 557 466

Please phone us for more services you may require: 0491 243 996

Paper flyers are circulating in your letter boxes titled: Lancefield Romsey Community Support