WINNERS of the Christmas Lights and Decorations Competition

The WINNERS were announced at the Carols


1st Prize

The Wilson Family

141 Main Street Romsey

TROPHY and $150 IGA Shopping Voucher

Sponsored by Romsey Supa IGA

Sandra Chestnutt (ACE Committee) presenting Greg Wilson with his prize

2nd Prize

Luke Davis

172 Main Street Romsey

$100 IGA Shopping Voucher

Sponsored by Sandra Chestnutt and Tony Ede (ACE Committee)

3rd Prize

Deb Alford Kerr

86 Barry Street Romsey

$50 IGA Shopping Voucher

Sponsored by Sandra Chestnutt and Tony Ede (ACE Committee)


1ST Prize

Main Street North Romsey

Plaque (to be attached to the Connallys Real Estate/Bendigo Bank Romsey Community Christmas Tree


1st Prize

The Emporium of Everything

101 Main Street Romsey

Trophy and RRBATA Membership


Bendigo Bank RRBATA Carols Night a huge success

About 300 + individuals, families and friends braved the cold winds to participate or watch the Bendigo Bank Carols by Candlelight at the Romsey Skate Park on Saturday evening (7pm to 9 pm).

Here are a few pictures of the afternoon and evening event:

The little ones start the evening

MC for the Bendigo Bank and RRBATA Carols at the Romsey Skate Park was Tony Ede

Bendigo Pig was active and entertained the families

The choirs sing a range of Christmas carols

Close Up of the Band members who performed solidly all afternoon and into the evening.


Parents in festive gear wait in the wings as their children perform on stage.

Rotarians Vicki Pettingill and Diane Powell, hard at work setting up the BBQ

Sandra Chestnutt (RRBATA Arts and Major Events), Vicki Pettingill (Rotary) on the BBQ and President of Romsey Lancefield Rotary Club Shane Pettingill in conversation. Vicki Pettingill stood in the best possible position with the warmth from the BBQ battling the cold winds. Vicki BBQed hundreds of sausages throughout the event.

St John’s Ambulance in attendance for the whole event.

The audience listening to the choir

The Travelling Cafe was popular

The Band entertain the crowd with Christmas carols

In the white hat is MC Tony Ede

Junior Dancers entertaining the crowd

Middle Dance Group perform their routines

Romsey Region Business And Tourism Association Business RRBATA: (

Romsey Scouts sing carols

Senior Dancers show their style

Santa arrives in Romsey CFA truck

Soft Serve van was very popular with the families.

Tony Ede (MC for the evening) chats with Santa on stage.

Rotarian and Past President Diane Powell served sausages all afternoon and evening

The Carols comes to a close and the audience starts packing up.

Thank you Romsey community for your support. Bigger and Better in 2017


Photos by: RRBATA Committee member Dr Greg Powell








Community Consultation from TRAFFX Group re Main Road Romsey Intersection: Have Your Say

Dear Romsey Community

Traffix Group have been engaged by VicRoads to undertake a review of the intersection of Main Street (Melbourne-Lancefield Road) and Barry Street, Romsey.

The initial phase of the project involves community consultation to understand the existing issues.

We are holding a public information drop in session on Thursday, 15th December, 2016 between 6pm-8pm at the Romsey Neighbourhood House (refer to the attached flyer).

As discussed, it would be great if the information could be posted on the RRBATA facebook page and website. All people from the local community are welcome to attend.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below.


Brent Hodges



Suite 8, 431 Burke Road
Glen Iris Victoria Australia 3146

Phone: +61 3 9822 2888
Facsimile: +61 3 9822 7444

RRBATA Streetscape THANK YOU Evening at Verdure Bistro Romsey


A special thank you evening was held on Thursday 8th December 2016 at Verdure Bistro in Main Street Romsey to thank all those in the community who have assisted with the Streetscape project this year.

Special tanks to owner and manager of Verdure Bistro, Cassy and her staff (including Taylor Rees)  for the great evening:
Verdure Bistro
Main Street, Romsey
Ph: 03 5429 6567

Simone Plunkett (RRBATA Facebook Coordinator) chatting about the wine tasting with Hew and Diana Richards (owners of Midhill Vinyard). In the background is Cassy (owner and manager of Verdure Bistro).

The MidHill Vineyard owners Hew and Diana provided a wine tasting as guests arrived; special thanks for the service last night. The wines were excellent:
2012 Blanc de blancs sparkling Chardonnay
2011 Sparkling Chardonnay – Pinot Noir
2013 and 2014 Gewurztraminer
2010 Pinot noir
2015 Chardonnay
2015 Pinot Noir Rose.

MidHill Vinyard Details:
Vineyard address: 1727 Romsey Rd. ROMSEY Vic. 3434

Postal address: PO Box 30 ROMSEY VIC 3434, Australia

Phone: (03) 5429 5565     Mobile Phone: 0409 408 977

Orders can be taken for Christmas:

GUESTS for this EVENT included:
Ruth Green (Lighting and Roads)
Rhett Strautins (Lighting and Roads)
Marion Cook (Lighting and Roads)
Linda Green (Lighting and Roads, Romsey Engineering)
Andrew Green (Romsey Engineering)
Simone Plunkett (RRBATA Facebook Coordinator)
Rod Browning (Bendigo Bank Community Bank Manager}
Kim Forsyth (Connallys Real Estate Romsey)
Kathy Lakey (Five Mile Creek, Romsey Mechanics Institute)
Tony Lakey (Romsey Mechanics Institute)
Julie Smith (Romsey Mechanics Institute)
Sandra Chestnutt (Arts Culture and Events)
Tony Ede (Arts Culture and Events)
Vicki Pettingill (former RRBATA committee member)
Shane Pettingill (friend of RRBATA and President of Romsey Lancefield Rotary Club)
Esther Tomsic-Pavlis (Arts Culture and Events)
Stratos Pavlis (Arts Culture and Events)
Abbey Brown (Arts Culture and Events)
Matt Brown (Main Street Christmas tree craftsman!)
Jeff Robinson (Town Pride)
Marlene Robinson (Friend of RRBATA)
John Evans (Trees and Main Street Gardens)
Lorraine White (Trees and Main Street Gardens)
Peter Mitchell (Trees and Main Street Gardens)
Margaret Mitchell (Friend of RRBATA)
Trish Baddeley (Town Connectivity Installation Project)
Andrew Baddeley (Friend of RRBATA)
Henry McLaughlin (Friend of RRBATA)
Dr Greg Powell (RRBATA)
Diane Powell (Friend of RRBATA, Rotary)
Ged McLaughlin (RRBATA)
Wendie McLaughlin (RRBATA-Treasurer/Secretary)
Benny Dyer (RRBATA)
John Webb Ware (Friend of RRBATA)
Dr Jenny Stillman (RRBATA President)
Apologies from:
Dave Plunkett (Lancefield and Romsey Financial Services Ltd {Community Bank} Chairperson)
Cr. Bill West (MRSC)
Cr. Natasha Gayfer (MRSC)

Here are some photos from the night:


Trish Baddeley won the Town Entry (aka Town Connectivity Installation Project) competition and has now drafted the submission to MRSCouncil for the extended project. Here Dr Jenny Stillman (RRBATA President) presents Trish with a small token of our appreciation (Romsey a Veritable Garden of Eden).

Lorraine White (Trees and Main Street Gardens), Wendie McLaughlin (RRBATA), Benny Dyer (RRBATA), Tony Ede (Arts Culture and Events) look on as Rod Browning (Bendigo Community Bank) receives a small token of RRBATA’s appreciation for 15 years of service to the local community as Community Bank senior manager.

Foreground: Henry McLaughlin (Friend of RRBATA and former Mayor and MRS Councillor), John Webb (Friend of RRBATA), Jeff Robinson (Town Pride), Marlene Robinson (Friend of RRBATA) – hidden from view, Andrew and Trish Baddeley, Geoff Bright and Dr Jenny Stillman (RRBATA President) being served by Taylor Rees (Verdure Bistro). In the Background: Rhett Strautins (Lighting and Roads) and Marion Cook (Lighting and Roads) chat with Sandra Chestnutt (Arts Culture and Events).

Linda and Andrew Green (Romsey Engineering) chatting with RRBATA Vice President Ged McLaughlin. In the background Peter Mitchell (Trees and Main Street Gardens) can be seen chatting with Tony Lakey (Romsey Mechanics Institute).

Andrew Green (Romsey Engineering), Tony Lakey (Romsey Mechanics Institute), Ged McLaughlin (RRBATA), Andrew and Trish Batterley with Margaret and Peter Mitchell in the background

Geoff Bright, Rhett Strautins and Marian Cook (Lighting and Roads) listening to the thank you speeches.

Margaret Mitchell (Friend of RRBATA), Diane Powell (Friend of RRBATA and Rotarian), Vicki Pettingill (former RRBATA committee member) chatting about the wonderful Christmas installations along Main Street Romsey.

RRBATA President Dr Jenny Stillman chatting with Stratos Pavlis (Arts Culture and Events) while Esther Tomsic-Pavlis (Arts Culture and Events) chats with Sandra Chestnutt (Arts Culture and Events).

Background: Diane Powell, Vicki and Shane Pettingill, Rod Browning (Bendigo Community Bank), Kim Forsyth (Connallys Real Estate). Foreground: Hew Richards (MidHill Vineyards), Lorraine White (Trees and Main Street Gardens), Kathy Lakey (Five Mile Creek, Romsey Mechanics Institute)

Ged McLaughlin (RRBATA), Andrew Baddeley, Trish Baddeley (Town Connectivity Instillation Project), Kim Forsyth (Connallys Real Estate), Simone Plunkett (RRBATA Facebook Coordinator), Kathy Lakey (Five Mile Creek, Romsey Mechanics Institute), John Evans (Trees and Main Street Gardens), Leanne Davey (MRSC Economic Development) and Lorraine White (Trees and Main Street Gardens)


John Evans (Trees and Main Street Gardens) in conversation with Kathy Lakey (Five Mile Creek, Romsey Mechanics Institute).

Henry McLaughlin (Friend of RRBATA) chatting with Ruth Green (Lighting and Roads) at the end of the evening

Tony Ede (Arts Culture and Events), Abbey Brown (Arts Culture and Events), Wendie McLaughlin (RRBATA Treasurer/Secretary), Ged McLaughlin (RRBATA Vice President) and Matt Brown (Main Street Christmas Tree Craftsman) at the end of a wonderful evening.


Photos by: Dr Greg Powell (RRBATA)

Bendigo Community Bank: Christmas Carols in Romsey (at the Skate Park) Saturday 10th Dec 2016

Dear Members of the Community

Please find attached the Bendigo Bank Christmas Carols booklet (guide) with words to the songs and a breakdown of the night’s timetable. A print out will be available on the night for a gold coin donation to RRBATA

Date: 10th December 2016

Venue: Lions Reserve (Skate Park)

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm

Musical Accompaniment: Encourage Church

So we can all see in the dark batterey operated candles will be avilable for purchse at this event with all proceeds going to GRAAP

Reminder to bring along your own seating (small outside chairs) and perhaps a large picnic rug.

Some food will be available.

Santa will be visiting with help from CFA

Proudly Sponsored by the Romsey Community Bank

FOLLOW the STAR (all churches): (Wednesday) 21st December 2016

Date: (Wednesday) 21st December 2016

Venue: St Paul’s Anglican Church (Main Road Romsey)

Time 1: 6.30 pm (Sausage Sizzle at St Mary’s Church)

Time 2: 7:15 pm Gather in service road (outside Anglican Church)

Finishes at the Uniting Church

Music by: Kyneton Municipal Band

Dress up as wise men, angels, shepherds or a person from Bethlehem

Some costumes are avaialble (chn’s and adult sizes)

Contact: Wendy Elson (0400 042 076), Annette Buckley (0457 608 539) or Jay Brooks (54296 163)

See attached PDF

Christmas in Romsey — RRBATA Streetscape and RRBATA Community Christmas Trees

Congratulations to all community groups who were able to decorate the steel frames.

Special thanks to RRBATA Committee and a particular thanks to Abbey Brown for her exceptional work in picking up and distributing the steel frames and (eventual decorated) Christmas trees. Thanks to Benny Dyer and Beau, Tony Ede, Dr Jenny Stillman, Ged McLaughlin, Dr Greg Powell for their efforts over a day in the Main Street.

Thanks to Justin Cole and his team from Macedon Ranges Shire Council who nailed in the spikes.

A few photos of the workers:

Abbey Brown and Tony Ede working hard to get the frames in position

BRD (Benny Dyer and Beau), Justin Cole (MRSC), Dr Jenny Stillman (RRBATA President) working on the large community tree.

Tony Ede checking the dimensions

The COMMUNITY TREE prior to additions by the community yesterday afternoon and evening (see below)

Thanks you to our major sponsors:

Here are some photos of the Community Groups Christmas Trees:

Romsey Kindergarten, Cobaw Community Health and Romsey Mechanics Institute

GRAAP, Romsey Police and Romsey-Lancefield Rotary Club

Romsey CFA, Romsey Scouts and Romsey Lancefield Lions Club

Romsey CWA, Encourage Church Romsey and Romsey Neighbourhood House

Romsey Lancefield Historical Society, St Mary’s Parish and St Mary’s Primary School

Big RRBATA Community Tree (at night)

Special thanks to all those in the community who spent time with their families decorating the RRBATA Community tree (look at it now) !!

Some homes and many businesses in town have started with their Christmas decorations

Nativity Scene

CHESS Real Estate

Traditional Christmas scene

Three Wise Men

Grannies Antiques

Grannies Antiques

Indian Restaurant

Romsey Saddlery (just opened)

Body Tunes Massage

Verdure Bistro and Restaurant

Connally’s Real Estate (major sponsor) have decorated their windows.

Ray White Real Estate (Window)

The Hub with Streetscape Christmas trees in foreground

(photo by: Geoff Bright (Lighting and Roads)

 More photos on RRBATA FACEBOOK

Check out this link on our RRBATA Facebook site:

 All photos (except for the last one shown above) by:

Dr Greg Powell
RRBATA Committee Member


Romsey Christmas Competition (Homes and Businesses) Map

Dear Community members

Please find attached the Map required which details those homes and businesses you could visit with your family at night (or during the day).

Please respect all properties, do not climb fences, or enter properties (unless invited).

Attached is the Map

Romsey Streetscape Community Christmas installations map

Dear Romsey Community

Please find attached the Map listings for the Main Street Community Christmas installations.

Please be respectful of the Christmas trees and do not touch them.

Be also mindful that this is a busy road and be aware of all traffic.

Please cross at the appropriate crossings when viewing these installations.

Special thanks to all community members who were involved in the decorations.