Our Romsey and Lancefield branches, operating under the Bendigo’s Community Bank concept, have given our local community the opportunity to secure its financial future with the knowledge that community-owned banking services are here to stay.

At a time when the big banks were pulling out of local towns, we were able to “bank-proof” our local community by opening in Lancefield in 2001 and Romsey in 2005. Our Lancefield and Romsey banks have grown to become important providers of banking services to our residents and business community. "Owned" by local residents who took out shares to support our vision of financial services in the hands of our community, our banks operate as full branches of the Bendigo Bank, with deposits and business protected by Bendigo under the normal banking arrangements that apply to all its branches.

Banking with our Lancefield and Romsey branches means you are also helping your wider community. Our branches and our community company make a significant contribution by returning a proportion of profits to local community groups through grants and sponsorships. Over the past 10 years, we have contributed about $400,000 back to the community, along with dividends to our shareholders

Emily Blades 


A weekend of heavy rain failed to dampen the spirits of the Relay For Life walkers and their families during the weekend of March 3 and 4 at the Lancefield Park.

The Romsey Lancefield Rotary Club Inc served about 500 dinners and 340 breakfasts to the delight of the hungry, wet and cold walkers.

Special thanks to the Rotary Director of the Rotary event (PP) Mark Shepherdley and the Rotarians and friends of Rotary who volunteer their time and expertise. This is their tenth year in operation and meals included steak, sausages, Vegie patties, hamburgers, onions, salads etc for dinner on Saturday night. For breakfast on Sunday the walkers enjoyed eggs and bacon, toast, orange juice, cereal together with tea and coffee (Vegemite, an assortment of jams) etc. Various teams (below) tuck into the dinner and breakfast on offer.

Members and family/friends of the Romsey Lancefield Rotary Club set up and ready to start serving dinner on Saturday night.

Rotarians Vicki Pettingill, (PP) Diane Powell, Clare Shepherdley and former Rotarian Florence Meyer serving breakfast meals to the tired walkers.

In the darkness, (PP) Brendan Meyer, Phil, and local councillor Joe Morabito busy with the breakfast BBQs.

Rotarians: Tess Ness, (PP) Diane Powell, Vicki Pettingill and President Dennis Ness ready to start serving.

Rotarians Shane Pettingill, (PP) Peter O’Rourke and Phil working hard on the BBQs